I want your newborn photo session to be a memorable experience! I know how tiring it is to be a new parent and I hope the session offers a break for the parents in a relaxing environment.  I aim to put clients at complete ease and ensure their beautiful, new arrival is in safe hands! The fact I am a mother myself fills my clients with confidence, assurance, and certainty that I will look after their little one.  

Once you pay your session fee and send me your initial enquiry, I will call you to to book an in-person or a telephone pre-consultation. We will discuss your due date,  your preferences and other details on how to prepare the baby for the session.  

The best time for a session is between 5th and 10th day of baby's life. We will book a session for 10 days after your due day and we will then stay in touch. You should inform me as soon as possible if your baby is born earlier or if I don't hear from you I will contact you 1-2 weeks prior to your due day to get an update from you.

When the day of your session comes we will spend 3-4 hours together in a very relaxed atmosphere and this will result in beautiful photos of your baby being created! I will also explain to you how you will be involved in the session.


 Around 7-10 days after the shoot, we will have a viewing session when parents you can see your baby’s images and decide which package you want to opt for.  Your digital provided in high resolution JPEG files. You will be able to get your newborn's photos within 14 days from ordering. Wall art products might take up to 3 weeks. 

Please note deposit of £75.00 needs to be taken before each shoot. This is then deducted from the price of any package you purchase.

Please take into consideration that newborn photos are ideally done with babies from 5 to 14 days old. I ask clients to schedule sessions 5 to 10 days after their due date, then they  can keep me updated if the baby is born earlier or is likely to be born after their due date.